Pendant Lights

“S” Lantern

The 'S' Lantern chandeliers were designed in 1929 for the garden loggia of the Viceroy's house in New Delhi. The lantern is typical of Lutyens's love of geometry with the octagonal central cage supported by a circular base and top. Each 'S' motif is separately cast and assembled by hand to create this unique fitting. The S-Lantern can be custom made to various sizes and dimensions.

Britannic House Pendant

The Britannic House pendant appears strikingly contemporary despite being designed in 1920 for BP's head office Britannic House in London. The diameter of the acrylic hemisphere is 400mm and the overall diameter is 540mm. The accompanying sconce is precisely half the full sized bowl and the overall height is 420mm.

6-pointed Star

Whilst Lutyens used 12-pointed star on many occasions, this is not a design that was unique to him. The six-pointed star was very much his own invention and he used it in several of his houses, most notably in Heathcote Manor. Our interpretation of the star comes in a standard size but can be made larger on request. The glass is uncoloured frosted glass as standard, but other types of glass or fabric covered panes can be specified. The hand-made rope and tassel is custom made to order and can be a blend of up to three colours.