Delhi Mercury Ball

Lutyens was very keen on the visual games that could be played by incorporating a silvered ball into his lighting designs and used it in many different frameworks throughout his career. The Delhi Mercury Ball was designed for the library in Viceroy’s House, New Delhi in 1919 and he was so pleased with it that he subsequently had one made for his own home and for other members of his family. It was significantly ahead of its time, using “shaving” light bulbs whose reflections wrap around the ball, which in turn concavely reflects all aspects of its hanging space creating a unique visual feature. The surrounding metalwork cage is available in a variety of colours or metal finish.

As times have moved on and the shaving bulb is more difficult to source we have made all our Delhi Mercury Ball lighting forward compatible by designing a custom bulb containing an LED strip. We can also bulk buy and supply conventional bulbs for both the UK and US market. All lights come with a conversion kit to LED should this prove necessary in the future.

All lights come with a hand-made rope and two tassels as originally conceived by Lutyens. These can be in a blend of up to three colours within standard pricing. More colours and metallic thread can be added for a premium.