Concentric Hoop Chandelier

This unique fitting was well ahead of its time when it was designed by Lutyens in the early 1900s for the ballroom of one of his major country houses in England. Still today, it is a light fixture that is staggeringly original and dramatically effective in a large space. The concentric hoops are made of timber with the contrasting shades achieved using stencils.

The original design called for sixteen hand blown glass saucers suspended below tassels. We have also adapted it to metal cages that evoke our Cardinal Hat lights. With this adaptation, the tassel is suspended below the cage rather than sitting on top of the glass saucer. Where ceiling height allows, Lutyens’s original design also called for a much larger tassel at the point of suspension from the ceiling. All our tassels are hand-made.

The chandelier may be adapted to different ceiling heights and we also recognise that the original may be over-large for many settings so we have adapted it for any even number of drops from 8 to 16 to allow it be scaled to a more manageable size.