Cardinal Hat Lights

The Cardinal Hat light is a Lutyens classic and originally designed for the Chapel of Campion Hall, the Jesuit college at Oxford University. We came up with the name of the as it was a deliberate, (and well documented) visual pun on the part of Lutyens to mimic the look of the iconic headwear. His idea of linking the lights with swagged cable was quite revolutionary in its day and remains a visually effective and unusual way of lighting a room. We have also developed the light for two different wall sconce fittings. One is with a lozenge back plate where the shape of the lozenge was taken from the pew end detail in the chapel of Campion Hall. The second is with a simple small round back plate. The discs for these sconces are available with 250mm and 350mm glass discs respectively, also in sand blasted or hand blown glass.

The name Cardinal Hat to describe a light fixture carries our trademark. This also applies to the name Lutyens as pertaining to Furniture and Lighting. Neither name may be used in these contexts by any third party.