March 2017

Posted on April 18, 2017

Spring into Summer for 2017

with the Lili Bench




This very beautiful Lili Bench was designed by LFL specifically to simplify some of Lutyens’s more complex designs for garden benches and to offer a more contemporary style.  I love it which is why I named it after my daughter!!

The bench illustrated above is part of a set of four just completed for the Royal Horticultural Society here in the UK where they will sit in one of their flagship gardens as commemorative donations by some of their members.  We are delighted to have worked with the RHS on this project.

Meanwhile, summer is around the corner and what better time to showcase the detail and beauty of the English Oak – the tree was felled very close to the maker’s property and the Oak has been nurtured by him and saved for a special occasion.

The bench is also available as a chair and as a three-seater version.

Lutyens original

Halo light up for auction in London

This example (above) of a very rare original Lutyens Halo light with six beads is believed to have come from Gledstone Hall and was probably installed there circa 1925.  It is to be auctioned by Phillips of London on the 27th April 2017 with a guide price of £20,000 to £30,000 ($26k to $39k).

Anyone interested should get in touch directly with the following:

Marcus McDonald
International Specialist, Director
30 Berkeley Square
London W1J 6EX

T +44 20 7318 4095
M +44 7747 038 209

I often maintain that Lutyens was one of the very first designers of decorative lighting to work specifically around the constraints – or joys – of the electric light bulb and I think that this piece is a very good example of that.  For collectors of early decorative electric lighting with the Lutyens name attached, I think that this is an important piece and definitely one to be looked at for those who can.

Owning an original piece of Lutyens lighting with impeccable provenance may be the thing of dreams for many but I would happily remind all my readers that my own 6-beaded Halo light is available for a fraction of the guide price of the original.  It also comes with three or no beads, with a mercury ball and – in our “Lutyens Contemporary” range – with a Perspex shade in a wide range of colours (at the bottom of the image thread).

“Other Tables”


In my last news letter, I took a look at “Other Seating” on my website.  This time, I am going to look at “Other Tables” but as it is such a large section, I will do half of it here and the other half next time.

The Tripod Table (below left) was designed for New Delhi although the size of the top in the image was somewhat larger than the original.  The Globe table (below right) is our own adaptation of the globe stand (above) that EL designed for Rashtrapati Bhavan (formally the Viceroy’s House, for which scroll to the end).

The Tripod Table also forms part of our Lutyens Contemporary range where it is made from Perspex and is available in two sizes.  The image below shows it in ensemble with the Edwin Napoleon Chair and our Lozenge table lamp.  Both tables are ideal as side or occasional tables and the Globe makes a particularly good centre-piece for an entrance hall.

Three other occasional tables found in the “Other” Section are all derivatives of three of our full sized dining tables.  The Circle Base side table (top), Marshcourt coffee table (centre) and Heathcote side table (bottom) all reflect the designs of their big brothers in our dining table section.  All can be made with different sized tops – round or square – and to coffee or side table heights.  The tables shown are all made of walnut stained to different colours.  The circlebase table has a burr veneer whilst the other two are quarter veneered.  As with all our classic furniture, anything is possible!

From Classic to Contemporary – introducing the Lytton Range in Lutyens Contemporary

Our Lytton chair and sofa has been a part of our Classic range since we began almost 30 years ago.  It has now been adapted for our Contemporary range with modern upholstery and a fixed selection of colours in either Omega velvet or leather.  The Omega colours, in particular, are fun and bright and as the illustration shows, mixing and matching can be done to great effect.

The contemporary selection includes the chair, 2- and 3-seater sofas and two sizes of ottoman.  We continue to make the Lytton chair as part of our classic range with traditional, hand sprung upholstery and COM.  The Lytton coffee table is also available as part of our Classic range.

And finally……

Edwin Lutyens’s masterpiece, Rashtrapati Bhavan – formally the Viceroy’s House – has been given a starring role as silent witness to the events surrounding Partition in India in 1948.  I haven’t seen the movie so cannot comment on its quality but I do know that the house that stars in it is played by a rather inferior B-lister actor: the palace of the Marharaja of Jodhpur.  So please don’t anyone think that they are actually looking at the sublimity of Lutyens’s work on the silver screen!

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